Privacy Policy

In accordance with‘s privacy policy, Spinamba is obliged to deliver all contents of the foreign betting and casino site to its users. The review articles of the aforementioned company convey the answers to all questions stuck in mind in an objective language. Informative articles are correct sources in a realistic language, not under the influence of any institution or organization. Personal Information Protection Law

In accordance with its privacy policy, reserves the right to access detailed information about the relevant companies for any casino lover over the age of 18. personal information, important information (such as ip address, name, surname, etc.) is not even shared on the internet such as any institution, organization, person or social media platforms under any circumstances.

Personal information in user comments, including personal e-mail addresses, such as personal name or surname, are also within the privacy policy.

In addition to the obligation to specify name, surname and e-mail address in comments made for information purposes or for information, these fields are not required to be filled in correctly. This sanction is important in terms of personal information and user safety and is presented to users considering the risks. has technical knowledge about special software in terms of the security of user information, hosting on highly protected servers and closing access from outside and inside.

It confirms that personal information will not be shared with any organization under any circumstances (including legal searches).